Meet Stacy

Magnolia Blossom Welcome to Dixie Avenue, a Southern marketplace.

Dixie Avenue carries only Southern brands. Whether jewelry and accessories, art and handmade signs, or pancake mixes and homegrown jams... All of the products on are made by Southern artisans or small businesses established in the Southeast.

Dixie Avenue Owner Stacy BrownMy granddaddy owned and operated a garage and junk yard in a North Atlanta suburb for over four decades. He and my grandmother made their home in the modest white two story in front of that garage on Smyrna's Dixie Avenue.

So when I went to name my own small business venture, a trailer turned into a charming boutique on wheels filled with Southern-made goodness, I knew there couldn't be a more fitting name than Dixie Avenue. 

Customers were always welcome in my Papa's establishment and always came away with what they needed. I hope you'll find the same to be true of the new Dixie Avenue. 

Let me know how I can help you! 

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